Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Eyewumi Omapedru

Eyewumi Omapedru’s self-titled EP is a jubilant three track African dream. This artist will leave you wanting more with his compilation of smooth and cool exotic tunes.

The Eyewumi Omapedru EP is a fun way to go to Africa without even leaving the house. It’s not particularly a traditional African style of music, but the nation’s musical roots are certainly present throughout each track. Along with this, Eyewumi Omapedru brings hints of R’n’B, reggae and a bit of hip-hop, modernizing and creating his own unique style of the African genre.

There are some cool sounds throughout the three tracks on this EP, too. In Take Me you’ll hear some wooden flute, and in Her Man, a range of traditional African percussion instruments are used.

This EP is so fun and upbeat. It has a way of putting you into a whole new zone of happiness and positivity. Eyewumi Omapedru also brings a sexy and sensual feel to his music through the lyrics and the cool and laid-back R’n’B sounds included on all three tracks.

So get your hands on Eyewumi Omapedru’s EP now! There’s nothing left to lose but the fun you’ll be missing out on without this sound in your ears!

Eyewumi Omapedru is out now on eMusic for the world from Blue Pie. We are very pleased to have his new EP out now on eMusic. Check this out now and download this to your iPod.

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