Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ginjah - Desperate In Need

Ginjah is hot hot hot - Summit Music Group hit the charts and Ginjah and the hit track ‘Desperate in Need’ is currently number one on the Kiss TV Charts in Kenya. And it’s easy to see why.

This cool and laid-back artist is bringing reggae back to our radios, and I am loving it. His latest single, ‘Desperate in Need’ touches on the poor and severe conditions children in third world countries are living in, and evidently, he is reaching his listeners.

With a cool Jamaican reggae feel, Ginjah has remained true to his roots and previous works, but has still effectively got his message across on a serious issue. Although Ginjah touches on some serious topics, he still manages to create a joyous and uplifting sound.

Buy the single and show your support, and while you’re at it pick up some more fun Ginjah tracks to pick up your mood. Or you can purchase his album ‘Never Lost My Way’, released just this last September.

This music is addictive, up lifting and fulfilling, with depth most listeners are looking for. You can’t go wrong with Ginjah.

You can find ‘Desperate In Need’ on iTunes, by clicking on the link below.


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