Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Michael Horsphol - Dreamscapes Vol 1

Dreamscapes Vol 1 by Michael Horsphol is a dream come true for chill out fans around the globe.

This ambient compilation of smooth and relaxing tracks is perfect for all the people out there who need to step back, relax and take some time out.

Although usually associated with upbeat dance music, Michael Horsphol skilfully uses synthesizers and electronic sounds to create a sense of calm throughout his album. Through these elements, you will hear sounds that resemble instruments like the violin, harp, and a wide range of brass and percussion.

Dreamscapes Vol 1 will make you feel like you’ve been thrown into a whole other world. It has a way of putting you in a state of dreaminess and relaxation; which is what most of us need in this modern day and age. What’s more, Michael Horsphol has brought mood and emotion through his music, making it all the more enjoyable.

In all its simplicity, there’s nothing left to say but to relax and make Dreamscapes Vol 1 the new soundtrack to your life!

Michael Horsphol digs deep into the never never lands and delivers Dreamscapes VOL 1 & 2. Download what can only be described as chill master slumber heaven. For the serious down tempo and theatrical listeners out there, this is the one. Check out this series on iTunes now on the purchase link below.


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