Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Major D - Wake Up Call

This is your wake-up call; Major D is ready to get you out of bed with his latest album that will blow your mind!

Wake Up Call is an album with attitude. It fuses hip-hop and rap with a touch of electronica and very clever synthesizing, bringing diversity to its genre.

In all honesty, this album makes me want to hang my arm and nod my head out of the open window of a car, with Major D playing full blast for the whole ‘hood to hear – it’s just that cool.

And it’ll have that effect on anyone who hears it. Major D could turn the prissiest of people into club-hitting crumpers with attitude.

‘Come Sip’ will make you want to get up and dance until your feet burn, while ‘True Stories’ reveals a more serious side of the artist.

The layers of synthesizing and experimental sounds in Wake Up Call have made this album all the more unpredictable and enjoyable to listen to. It is thoroughly refreshing to hear a rap album that brings something new to the table.

Wake Up Call will do exactly what its title intended. So, if you need to loosen up, whack this baby on and you’ll be on your feet in no time!

Major D kicks it in ya ears - WORD - Check out this hot new album out now on Prime USA Records from Major D - Download this now from iTunes for the world by clicking on the purchase link below.


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