Monday, October 18, 2010

DJ Trance - Psy Trance Albums

Psy Trance Albums by DJ Trance, brings you a pounding dance track to get you moving all night!

This album features only one song. The catch is, it goes for over one hour and fourteen minutes! And that’s only the beginning when it comes to this artist’s unique eccentricity.

The track itself, named Upper Limit, is not your average pop song. Although suited to the club scene, DJ Trance has delivered a dance track with variety. Throughout the track, there are transitions into different melodies, riffs and bridges, so there’s no getting bored with this one!

You’ll hear so many genres within this track. They range from techno, trance, dance, electronica, experimental and even a hint of psychedelic. What’s not to love?

Like most club hits, you’ll hear many suspenseful dynamics in Upper Limit,

that’ll keep you on your toes. What’s more, DJ Trance has created a track so addictive (and not to mention, exceptionally long) that you won’t get sick of it! And given its length, if you hit your replay button, you’ll never know it’s the same track when it starts over.

It’s all reason enough for you to be playing this at your next party. But if you’re more of a guest than a host, you’ll be sure to hear this one next time you’re out.

DJ Trance goes digital. We are very pleased to announce that one of the USA's biggest names in the trance, dance scenes is out now on Blue Pie for the world. Check out some of this legend's sets and download these for a guaranteed party time. We do and have had the house Jumping to his Psy Trance House Dub Grooves. Click on the purchase link below to download DJ Trance.

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Clotee S said...

It's my first time to listen psy trance album. thanks for put this information on your blog.

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sorry for this additional info.
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