Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Big Engine - Rock-N-Roll Machine

Big Engine’s Rock-N-Roll Machine is out now to blow you away and set you free from the boring social norms holding you back from rockin’ out!

From first instant, you’ll be wanting more of the band’s full-blown rock ‘n’ roll and catchy choruses that will keep that musical memory of yours occupied for days on end.

Big Engine brings a sense of youth and rebellion through their music, much like Nirvana and Foo Fighters. You’ll also find a twist of Southern American-style country in ‘Be Your Man,’ which comes as no surprise, as these boys hail from Jacksonville, Florida.

Don’t be fooled though, this band is far from the passive hunky-dory style country that we’ve seen in artists like Billy-Ray Cyrus. Big Engine takes country, adds some manly rock and a pinch of angst, shakes it up, and delivers it with gusto.

That being said, Rock-N-Roll Machine is nonetheless a diverse album, bringing an assortment of genres into the mix. For instance, songs like ‘Party Like a Rock Star’ and ‘Juggernaut (built for speed)’ are undeniably adrenalin-charged rock songs, while ‘Not For You’ is a soft-rock love ballad.

Rock-N-Roll Machine, will bring you laughter, tears, anger and a whole lot of adrenalin. It’s all the more reason to get your hands on this brand spanking new rock album.

The Boys are Back in Town - Big Engine kick up a storm with their killer live version of the Thin Lizzy classic. Check out this great track on iTunes for the world. Download this one NOW by clicking on the purchase link below.


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