Wednesday, October 13, 2010

7 Horses - Letters To Juliette

7 Horses bring us folk and country music in its most raw and purest form. ‘Letters To Juliette’ is their latest track, which will put you at peace and soothe your soul.

This New York duo is exactly what you need after a rough day. Lead singer, Joanne Filips will calm you with her soulful country voice, while the predominantly acoustic instrumentals played by Phil Russo put you in a trance.

The lyrics to 7 Horses’ peaceful music alone are enough to make you step back and let life take care of itself. Their deep and meditative quality have the ability to create an aura of simplicity around anyone who listens.

‘Letters To Juliette,’ is a gentle folk song that will replay in your head for days. The good news is you won’t get sick of it!

Other song titles include, ‘Texas,’ a more so country style number, and ‘Lover’s Moon,’ which is, as its title suggests, a poignant love song.

This music is free from all additives. It is organic, pure and natural – a rare find these days, and all the more reason for you to get yourself a slice of it. Just be warned not to fall asleep at the wheel if you decide to play it in your car!

The beautiful, the haunting, the magical, the simply brilliant "7 Horses" new single "Letters to Juliet" is out now on Blue Pie for the world. The record is being added to play lists globally. Download what we here at the Pie believe to be their best single so far. Click on the purchase link below to download this from iTunes today.

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