Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Echoes of African Nations

Get some international flavour into your music collection with the Echoes of African Nations series.

This music is cool, breezy and one of a kind. It’s great as background music for around the house, and a perfect compliment to meal times with friends.

Echoes of African Nations takes you into another world. The sounds of exotic instruments are featured on the albums, creating an imagery of wilderness and warm desert land. Nonetheless, this music is still of the festive and joyous kind. African choirs echo throughout each track, giving the albums a cheerful and celebratory sound.

Each album includes a wide selection of artists, so listeners are provided with diversity. There’s no way you’ll get bored with this one.

This series of albums is perfect for the travellers, and those who dream of travelling. If you can’t get to Africa in the flesh, just grab a volume of Echoes of African Nations and you’re set! You can close your eyes and you’ll feel almost as though you’re really there. After all, it is easier and not to mention, a lot cheaper!

Echoes of African Nations serries is out now and being licensed to over 100 airports around the world thanks to the Blue Pie license teams. Click here to download anyone of the new serries on iTunes. The serries was compiled by Damien Reilly and Mr A.Krafica Nassion one of the labels new legends of African Groove.

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