Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Dale Bozzio - Talk Talk

Dale Bozzio has returned from the 80’s with her impressive new EP Talk Talk, that will turn heads and soon have people saying “Ga-Ga who?”

An artist with attitude, Dale Bozzio has created a cutting-edge EP, involving an array of sounds, new and old. She has made it clear through her music that her influences are most strongly attained from 80’s artists such as Blondie and Devo, with kooky but cool electronic sounds. It’d also be safe to say that 90’s band No Doubt, with Gwen Stefani as their front woman, would be likely to share similar musical tastes as Dale Bozzio.

Nonetheless, Bozzio still holds her own when it comes to creating new and innovative sounds. Every track on the EP has it’s own unique style. You may find when listening to Talk Talk that you have to switch your mindset from genre to genre, as the songs range from pop rock to 80’s pop, and even to a peaceful acoustic number to finish.

There is also some clear experimentation throughout this EP, especially in ‘Right Left,’ which has a new-wave feel about it.

All in all, Talk Talk, is definitely an EP that will draw your interest.

Dale Bozzio gets to talking on iTunes. Check out the new Dale Bozzio EP " Talk Talk " out now on Electrik Blue Records for the world. Dig it and download NOW for your 80's flashback.

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