Monday, October 18, 2010

Stephen Wrench - Heartland

There’s only one way to describe the music of Stephen Wrench: pure country. His latest album Heartland is a must-have. With a mixture of love, feel-good, and pub-rock songs, this western singer has delivered all the dedicated country fans out there an essential album for their enjoyment.

Heartland is raw country at its best. The twangy steel guitars, the earthy banjos, and the soulful lyrics all contribute to making this album the masterpiece that it is.

The ladies especially will love this album, with Stephen Wrench including many heart felt love songs, like ‘Can You Feel’ and ‘Affairs of the Heart.’ Not to mention, his smooth and hunky country voice. There’s no need to worry for the men though, as there are just as many burly rock songs for them to enjoy.

But wait, there’s more! There’s enough music to get you up and rockin’ on Heartland, with songs like ‘Top O’ the List’ featuring an upbeat rhythm and that good old-fashioned pub-style piano.

Stephen Wrench's back catalogue of songs from the vaults of "Wrench" have been wrenched out of the vaults now for the world to hear. Check out his album of classic Country magic out now on iTunes for the world. Some of these songs have been covered by the best in the business, with friends like Toto, Chicago, Lynyard Skynyrd, Tommy TuTone, Todd Smallwood, and the list goes on. It was time that people got to hear the original songs from the man who wrote them. Stephen is our "Country" Leonard Cohen. Download these gems today from iTunes by clicking on the purchase link below.

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