Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Betrayals - Euro Radio

If you’re looking for a rock album to enjoy, without feeling like your ears will bleed afterwards, look no further, The Betrayals’ Euro Radio has got it covered!

The Betrayals mix rap and vocals with a fusion of classic and new-age rock, and a hint of grunge. Combining these genres has made the album so diverse, making it all the more enjoyable and practically impossible to become bored with.

The band’s latest album, Euro Radio will engage you with a sound that resembles bands such as Rage Against The Machine, INXS and Kiss.

“Man Is Back” will remind you of Rage Against The Machine’s “Killing In The Name Of” as both mix similar genres such as rock and rap, and include a memorable guitar riff.

“More Than Words,” is a slower, more heart-felt number, creating dynamics within the album. It also has a classic 80’s slow rock feel, largely associated with bands like INXS.

“Eagle Fly” is heavier and has a grungier feel. It also has some experimental sounds throughout, which gives it its own unique and cutting-edge style.

The vocals that extend to great heights also show influences from Muse, which shows The Betrayals’ appreciation for rock anthems both new and old.

The Betrayals get some Euro Rock to blast ya ears to the UK. Check out the bands hot new album out now on Prime USA Records and being added to radio play lists globally now. You can download this one from iTunes for the world, just click the purchase link below.

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