Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Kenny Kore - Eludemare

Kenny Kore gets some African jive into you with his new EP Eludemare. This dance-provoking album brings funk to gospel in three Christian faith inspired tracks.

When most hear the words ‘gospel music,’ they think of boring worship songs extracted from ancient hymnbooks. Kenny Kore’s Eludemare smashes this stereotype.

The three tracks featured on this EP; Eludemare; I believe; and Shomore are an absolute hoot to listen to! Within the first thirty seconds I hit play, I was hopping around and dancing like I had no worries in the world, and I’m sure it’ll have that effect on you too.

What makes these tracks so joyous are the African-inspired instruments – especially the exotic percussion – that get your feet tapping, your shoulders shaking and your hips swinging!

Kore’s beautiful, smooth and seemingly flawless voice gives his music a sense of content and peacefulness. To top off the combination of the most complimenting elements within these tracks, are the African choirs that accompany Kenny Kore throughout the EP.

Eludemare is an EP to enjoy for anyone, young or old. Although the songs are of a gospel nature, I believe it’ll have anyone singing along and jumping for joy.

Kenny Kore is one of Africa's biggest selling artists and has sold over 10,000,000 albums. We have his new single out now exclusive to Blue Pie for the world. Check out this great new single and three scorching gospel inspired gems from one of Africa's greatest. Click here to download this on eMusic.

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